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Hostelling International Baan Dinso, Bangkok



                Baan Dinso is a two-storey house built with golden teak wood in Colonial style.The date when the house was constructed was still unknown, but originally this house was granted to Phraya Wisesongkran since 1922 by title deed. From this evidence, the house is estimated to have been built for at least 85 years, which is the era of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) of the Chakri Dynasty. 

                  Baan Dinso was descended to the current owner ever since. Iin April 13, 2006. the houseand its land was sold to us. Shortly after, a thorough inspection was conducted for the purpose of renovating the house. The second building that connects to the main house was in a wrecking condition and had to be demolished. Then, it was reconstructed using condensed concrete & steel foundation and finished with wooden details for the poles, rafter, and roof structure to preserve the quality of this teak wood house. This building now has four fully furnished bed rooms and two public toilets. 
                  The main building which holds the front porch, main hall, seven bed rooms, and stairs were still in fairly good condition so almost every detail was kept similar the way it was built. Minor renovations were given to this building such as reinforcing the structure, scrubbing and buffing all wooden parts, re-wiring, and new paint to the teak plankwood flooring, for example. 
                  Originally, the front area of the house was slightly elevated to balance the ground level and contained a Thai style open basement. However, the ground level of the walkway and road were once raised due to flood issues and this left the open basement standing a few meters below the ground.To make use of this space, the ground level has been re-elevated so that the basement is now entirely below the building. Then the basement area is reconstructed into two chambers which are the kitchen & store and the Internet room.

Getting there


From Suvarnabhumi Airport :  

     1. By Taxi : Take an authorized LPG fuel-meter-taxi which will take you to Trok-Sin, Dinso Road ( Opposite to Bangkok Metropolitan Mayor House ) Fare is approximately 200 Baht + 50 Baht ( Airport Fee )  
              For Taxi : โปรดพาฉันไปที่บ้านนานาชาติบ้านดินสอ ตรอกศิลป์ ถนนดินสอ (เยื้องกับศาลาว่าการกรุงเทพมหานคร)
      2. Take Airport bus Route AE2 ( Suvarnabhumi Airport - Sanamluang )
              For about 150 baht get off at Democracy Monument Circle ( Rachadamnern-Klang Avenue ) then walk into Dinso Road to Bangkok Metropolitan Mayor House or " Saoshingsha" direction for about 100 meters. You will the street sign "Trok-Sin lane" or HI-Baan Dinso signboard on your right hand side, then walk into that lane ( 10 meters ). You will see HI-Baan Dinso on your right hand side.

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