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Thai Food Cooking Lesson



          For those who have tasted Thai food before, you wound not deny that Thai food is one of the tastiest foods in the world, and this is why it is internationally famous. Whether chilli-hot or comparatively bland, harmony is the guiding principle behind each dish. Thai cuisine is essentially a marriage of centuries-old Eastern and Western influences harmoniously combined into something uniquely Thai. Knowing how to cook Thai food can become very handy when you need to cook something special on important occasions such as party or romantic dinner for your love one.
          We have a cooking class at Bansabai for those who wish to learn how to cook. The cost is 1,200 Baht per meal. 

  Traditional Thai Massage Lesson


         Did you ever give to somebody a massage but you did not have an index of what you did? Although the goals for which the massage is cover carried out by very broad spectrum, it is largely believed that the therapeutic advantages will be produced. Sadly, it is not always the case. The inadequate practice of the massage by a not trained masseuse can make more damage than goods. In spite of the whole that, practical correct gives to a customer much advantages. The best thing about the massage is than you obtain flexibility, the relieving of muscle, the interior massage of body, the oxygenation of blood, and the appeasing of the spirit, the psychological reduction of constraint and the concern which is reached with yoga. Bansabai offers to you a traditional Thai course of massage. The lesson is carried out by an expert masseuse approved by the ministry for the public health. The price is the baht 6.000 per course, and all the length the course is of approximately 80 hours length.

  Muay Thai Lesson


          Muay Thai? can be translated into English as ?Thai Boxing?. It is the martial art which originated in the ancient battlefield tactics of Siamese (or Thai) army. It evolved from ?krabi-krabong?, literally sword and baton, the hand-to-hand tactics of the Thai army. Today, Muay Thai is no longer used in the army; instead, it has turned into Thailand 's most famous sport. Fights feature punches, kicks, elbows, knees, and standing grappling to wear down and knock out their opponents.
          Muay Thai lesson is available near Bansabai and will be taught by the local boxing teachers. The cost is 500 Baht per day. 

  Golfing Lesson



           Most of you who have never play golf before would never understand the passion for golf and how it has become one of the world most popular sports. What make golf different from other sports are probably the ?fairness? of the game and that it is practice in the natural outdoor environment allowing us to be close to nature and fully detoxify our bodies similar to that attain in trekking. ?Fairness? in this sense means that everyone can become a great golfer regardless of age, gender, and body type. Although it is true (to a certain extend) that male golfers have advantage over female golfers and muscular golfers have advantage over the wimpy ones, many components of golf such as the use of handicap, the different types of tee off, and the nature of golf itself help in reducing these inequalities to the minimum. Instead, golf is a competition of will power, concentration, accuracy, and consistency.
            Bansabai is located near few golf driving ranges and play golf courses. Those who wish to learn how to golf or just want to improve your swings can take a golf lesson provided by Bansabai. The lesson will be taught by a professional golfer at the closest golf driving range, and the cost is 1,200 Baht an hour.

  Swimming Lesson

Swimming is a great activity. It is an excellent form of exercise since most muscles normally used in movement are involved. Unlike many other kinds of sports, swimming rejuvenates the body without stress caused by running on hard ground. While these stresses are necessary to maintain healthy, strong bone, if severe, or repetitive, the stress can actually damage or weaken the limbs. More importantly, it also provides a cardiovascular workout, which strengthens your heart muscle and improves delivery of oxygen to muscles.

For those who cannot swim or just wish to improve your swimming skill, Bansabai offers you an opportunity to attend a swimming course. The course is 300 Baht per hour. 

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